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Supporting Great Dharma Chan Monastery

There are different ways you can remit your donations to the Monastery and you will receive a receipt for each donation.

1 / Zelle

Online banking recipient: (Chung Tai Chan Monastery USA)

Please note with your purpose, e.g., lamp offering, general offering, and ceremony etc.

Once you have completed the Zelle donation, please email us for further contact and receipt emailing etc.

2 / Venmo

For Venmo donations, please send your donation to "@CTCMUSA" (Chung Tai Chan Monastery USA)

3 / Personal Check

Write a check payable to “Chung Tai Chan Monastery USA”and mail it by post to the Zen Center at 6417 S Boulder Road., Boulder, CO 80303. You may also give it in person at the Zen Center. Either way, a receipt will be mailed or handed to you promptly.

4 / Electronic Payment via Your Bank’s Online Bill Pay System

A convenient way to make donations is using your bank’s online banking “Bill Pay” service. Add “Chung Tai Chan Monastery USA” as a payee, enter the aforementioned mailing address, and schedule the payment. You can set up an automatic recurring payment plan or one-time only. Include a note/memo where possible that this is a donation.


Online Bill Pay is usually free to the bank’s customers and also free to the recipient of the funds. This means the Monastery will receive 100% of the amount you donate without handling fees.

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