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About Great Dharma Chan Monastery

Located in Boulder, Colorado, the Great Dharma Chan Monastery sits on a beautiful 35-acre site with elegant surroundings and stunning views of the Rocky Mountains.


The monastery’s architecture conveys the meaning of Buddhist art and culture. Its quiet countryside is an ideal setting for meditation practice and Buddhist learning, and its calming surroundings help practitioners realize their intrinsic purity and develop a compassionate way of living in harmony with the environment. Thus, the monastery serves people from all walks-of-life, allowing everyone to explore and learn the benefits of Buddhism.


The monastery’s centerpiece is the main Dharma building, along with an associated residential building. The monastery’s design intentionally encourages participants’ mindfulness while incorporating a balanced relationship with the environment by protecting the existing wetlands and enhancing its current ecology.


Construction of the monastery began in early 2020 and was completed in October 2021. The resident monastics offer a curriculum of Buddhist studies introducing participants to the precious goals of Buddhist teaching: to know the path to lasting joy within, to realize our intrinsic perfect nature, and to promote a peaceful and compassionate lifestyle. Participants will also learn how meditation can help achieve these goals. The monastery will be instrumental in building an effective Buddhist community to propagate the Dharma.

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